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Streamline Operations and Optimize Costs With Descartes ShipTrackApp's Route Planning App

Learn more about our high performance, cloud-based delivery tracking and route optimization software solutions

Administration Portal

ShipTrack includes a dedicated administration portal that delivers point & click simplicity for overall configuration and management of the workflows as well as detailed analytics and reporting. The administration portal allows the user to configure the basic workflows that will then be used in the other ShipTrack modules. Some of the things you can do from the Administration Portal:

  • Create and manage service types
  • Manage rules around ETA’S and Service Levels
  • Manage users and roles
  • Manage rules at the company and client level
  • Create mobile workflow and build update menus for mobile and web applications
  • Import and export data

Reporting and Data Analytics

For internal or third party logistics providers the requirement to measure and report on the performance of operations is critical for many reasons:

  • To monitor day-to-day operational performance
  • To report on contractual objectives (SLA’s) with customers
  • To report on regulatory compliance. ShipTrack offers easy access to creating canned reports as well as custom on the spot reports in an easy to use search tool.

For more advanced reporting and analytical analysis functions, all of our data can be automatically exported to a third party system or a data warehouse in order to create predictive analytics using AI or BI tools such as Descartes Analytics.

Go Paperless Upgrade to a real-time, digital workflow while eliminating the costs associated with paper-based processes.
Leverage automated processes for more effective dispatch, order processing, and driver management.
Improve Customer
Provide both your customers and CSRs with real-time access to shipment information, reducing call-centre volume and enabling first-call resolution.
Deliver Faster Manage ETA’s, optimize routes, and provide delivery SLA’s with 360 degree visibility for logistics operations, shippers, and consignees.
Invoice Faster Eliminate paper and build digital workflows that initiate invoicing automatically and in real-time.
Enhance Driver
Retention and Safety
Monitor compliance and ensure driver safety with safety checklists and turn-by-turn directions

Route Optimization

Selecting the optimal route to deliver a parcel in the past was dependent on the experience and knowledge of the dispatcher. In today’s complex and fast-paced logistics environment with staff turnover and constantly increasing workloads, automation is the only way to remain competitive. Route optimization algorithms built-into ShipTrack route planning app ensure every delivery order is delivered in the fastest and most efficient way possible. By accounting for many more variables that a human could possibly manage, ShipTrack’s route planning app increases delivery capacity, reduces staff workloads and enables compliance to delivery SLA’s.

This is a value-added service and will incur additional charges. Please contact us for details.

Driver/Vehicle Management

ShipTrack’s mobile & route planning app for delivery drivers is a simple-to-use iOS or Android app that receives incoming delivery orders and communicates the status of deliveries automatically and in real-time to ShipTrack’s cloud-based system.  It also includes safety checklists as well as features like one touch integration to the Waze app that contribute not only to more efficient deliveries but to driver safety and accessibility as well.  ShipTrack has the ability to assign vehicles to routes and drivers to vehicles in order to create a clear picture of what is happening operationally.

Tracking Page & Tracking Widget

Significantly reduce the number of calls to your Customer Service department by installing the ShipTrack tracking widget on your website to enable customers to easily enter a tracking number to get immediate status on shipments or orders.

Once they use the widget they will access a fully-branded, self-service web tracking page that allows customers to track the progress of any shipment or order. They can also setup automatic notifications and receive a record of electronic proof of deliveries illustrating items delivered, location information and associated signatures.

Self Service Client Portal

ShipTrack offers a self-service client portal that empowers your clients to work directly in your ShipTrack environment. This will give your key clients access to real-time information and greatly enhance your customer experience. The portal allows the customer to:

  • Create new pick-up or delivery requests
  • Track any ongoing or completed jobs
  • Manage, download or print labels
  • Create custom reports

Blockchain – ShipTrack Secure Delivery Network (Beta Only)

The ShipTrack Secure Delivery Network (SSDN) is a ShipTrack value-added service that secures ShipTrack transactions using Blockchain technology. As an early member of the Blockchain in Transportation Alliance (BiTA), the largest industry standards organization involved in driving the adoption of Blockchain, ShipTrack is committed to bringing the benefits of Blockchain to the Transportation and Logistics industry.

Our proven solution now leverages IBM’s Blockchain technology to offer solid, world-class Blockchain functionality, end-to-end across the globe to deliver:

  • Increased Transparency
  • Improved Trust
  • End-to-end Traceability
  • Better Scalability
  • Decreased Costs
  • Greater Security

To explore what Blockchain can do for your organization or discuss joining our limited availability, early-adopter program, contact us at .

This is a value-added service and will incur additional charges. Please contact us for details.

Our Features

  • Electronic Proof of Delivery Receive real-time POD with signature and photos the moment a job is completed.
  • Real-Time Dashboards Manage KPI's, monitor business performance and data-driven decisions, faster with advanced data analytics visualization features
  • Real-Time Geo-Location of your Users View all your mobile users on a map in real-time to help you make better operational decisions.
  • iOS / Android Solution Start tracking today with any iPhone or Android device. ShipTrack can be deployed to either commercial or consumer grade devices.
  • Track Shipments or Orders on Your Website Our Tracking Widget lets your customers track their deliveries and drives web traffic to your website.
  • Email Notifications Create a better customer experience with email updates on your delivery and POD’s for you and your customers.
  • Manage Users Assign users based on roles so they can view relevant information.
  • Build your Own Workflow Build your own custom workflow and deploy it in one click to all your mobile devices.
  • Manage Clients Differently Not all clients are created equal, build business rules around individual clients.
  • Multi-Company Use ShipTrack to manage multiple companies within the same environment.
  • Rating Create rating logic in order to have ShipTrack automatically calculate rates and export these to your accounting system.
  • Address Book Add your customers to your address book to save time when creating jobs.
  • Searchable Reporting Tool Quickly and easily build custom reports and access any of the data within ShipTrack, you can also export this to a data warehouse to plug in BI/AI tools.
  • Systems Integration Our open platform allows you to integrate your WMS, ERP or any other system with our full suite of integration tools.
  • WAZE – Turn by Turn Directions Integrated one touch turn by turn directions to Waze or other navigation software.
  • Volume Based Pricing Our pricing model allows for minimal startup costs and a price plan for everyone with no user limitations.
  • Label Management ShipTrack has a built in, branded, label management solution which will include item level barcodes to facilitate the tracking process.
  • Signature Capture Capture signatures and names easily by signing directly on your mobile device.
  • Capture Photos Capture multiple photos for POD, damaged items, exceptions and more.
  • Geotags & Timestamps Geotags and timestamps are captured on every event providing all the necessary details to resolve conflicts easily.
  • Hub & Route Management Manage terminals and routes and set up all the business logic to automate many operational functions.
  • Capture Other Data Capture other fields such as weight, temperature, time, location, COD and more.
  • Capture Comments Force the capture of driver comments when required.
  • Driver Management Manage drivers easily and assign them to routes in order to populate the manifests on their mobile devices.
  • Real-Time Dispatch Drag and drop dispatches jobs in real-time directly to your drivers’ device via the cloud. A full suite of dispatch tools allow you to make sound operational decisions quickly.
  • Push Notifications Receive real-time manifest updates on both Android & iOS devices.
  • Job Details Effectively communicate delivery instructions to drivers via the mobile app for better driver compliance.
  • PUDO (Pick-up and Delivery) ShipTrack supports pick up, deliveries and pick-up then delivery, even through complex workflows.
  • Containerization Group multiple jobs together and action events against multiple jobs to make your drivers more efficient.
  • Route Optimization Use our route optimization tool in order to save time and fuel when executing your routes (additional charges apply).
  • Driver To Driver Transfer Transfer jobs amongst your drivers, without the need for admin intervention.
  • Apple Watch Integration Improve information sharing, driver safety and mobility for iOS users.
  • Reorder Jobs Quickly change the delivery order of your jobs based on service type SLA’s or by postal/zip code.
  • Dispatch Automatically Using our route management tools, build your routing logic so jobs automatically get dispatched to the correct driver.
  • Self-Service Client Portal Give your clients access to a branded self-service portal where they can create jobs, track jobs, print labels, create reports and more.
  • One Touch Calling Let your driver simply and safely communicate with your clients with a tap of a button.
  • Capture Milestones Capture important milestones such as arrived at / heading to delivery locations.
  • Mass POD Simply sign once to submit POD for all deliveries sent to the same recipient.
  • Cash on Delivery (COD) Collect cash from clients for COD terms and require confirmation of amount collected.
  • And Many More! Dynamic dispatch, dashboards, circle/safety checks, and many more!