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ShipTrack Releases New Data Visualization Capabilities

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New Feature Release: Real-Time Dashboards

We are pleased to announce that the upcoming release of a new feature: ShipTrack Real-Time Dashboards.

With Real-Time Dashboards, ShipTrack users will have access to graphical data visualization technology to represent information and data.  This will provide an improved way to understand trends, patterns and support data-driven decision-making.


                                               Real-Time  Dashboards


In a world of Big Data, where more and more information is collected every day, ShipTrack users are no exception.  The initial release of Real-time Dashboards will provide new insights into operational data collected on a rolling 24 hour window.

Subsequent releases will provide historical analysis capabilities to delve deeper into your logistics data to potentially uncover new insights that you can use to for better decision-making to improve operational efficiency, manage costs and build on your competitive advantage.

For current ShipTrack users please visit our support portal for more information or speak to your Technical Account Manager.

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