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Courier Software Eliminates Paper

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Did you know that 69% of businesses still rely on paper systems to run their business?

The use of paper tracking is quickly becoming a big “no-no” for delivery companies. While paper may have its place it can be wasteful, inefficient and unorganized. In the logistics industry, manual paper-based processes are subject to errors which can be quite costly in lost business. This ripples through package tracking and driver route assignments, which can easily cause lost shipments.

Finances and Courrier Software Elimination of Paper


Paper usage is driven by financial systems, invoices, excel sheets, etc. Numerical data has zero tolerance for errors and mistakes. But whether they are miscalculations or lost documents, mistakes will happen. ShipTrack, a courier and 3PL management software, provides built-in invoicing and data algorithms that do the calculations for you. By streamlining your financial processes, you are ensuring your clients 100% reliability and presenting a professional business image.

Administration and Courrier Software Elimination of Paper


ShipTrack’s order processing engine reduces administrative workload by 2.5 hours a day.

Think about that. How much effort is spent reading paperwork, writing paperwork, filing paperwork and then finding old paperwork? Now imagine if all those tedious tasks were gone. Instead, they are replaced with a single computer portal. In this portal, all your data and information is accessible at the touch of a button.

Time is money and ShipTrack delivers a range of workplace time-savings by eliminating paper, such as:

  • $20 in labor for filing each document.
  • $120 spent in finding each lost document.
  • $250 in re-creating lost documents.
  • $25,000 to fill a four-drawer file cabinet

Green is Good and Courrier Software Elimination of Paper


A 3PL firm making 1.2 million deliveries a year, saved  $48,000  (INFOGRAPHIC) just in annual paper purchase costs. This was in addition to the administrative saving’s described above.

Going green should be a given for modern day businesses, but in reality, not all have made the transition. Eliminating paper is crucial for the protection of our environment.  Maintaining paper-based systems simply wastes time and energy.

Switching to tech can have an amazing effect on the environment such as:

  • reduced fuel costs
  • improved corporate image
  • 31% reduction in order-processing/distribution time

Going paperless is the way of the future. The switch is critical, not only for the environment but for the overall functioning of your business. Going paperless will help you get things done faster and more accurately.  ShipTrack can help you make that transition!

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