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A Channel Program Opportunity to Grow Your Footprint

BlogPost a channel program opportunity to grow your footprint

What is ShipTrack?

ShipTrack is an innovative shipment tracking platform designed to provide complete control and visibility of any shipment’s movement worldwide. ShipTrack’s cloud-based solution provides organizations with the ability to optimize their operational processes. The platform consists of fully branded web portals that allow for efficient dispatching, customer tracking, and reporting while also offering a free-to-download application for mobile and rugged devices for drivers and warehouse employees alike.

ShipTrack is highly configurable to fit a multitude of use cases and verticals. This translates into a very short sales cycle and for rapid deployment of the solution. This means minimal barriers to entry for your customers and makes the sale relatively simple for partners. Once a ShipTrack sale is closed, our partners sell all the additional products such as hardware, connectivity, MDM, printers, and media that are required of the solution.

Partners - Driving the Full Solution in A Channel Program Opportunity to Grow Your FootprintPartners - Driving the Full Solution

When customers look to ShipTrack to help provide solutions around optimizing their operational workflows, they also require many other services. ShipTrack is hardware agnostic which allows partners to sell their suite of rugged scanners, tablets or consumer mobile devices to run the ShipTrack software. With this also comes the demand to stage and kit those devices and the services required to manage the full lifecycle of a device. All of these are opportunities for our partners to become stickier in their existing accounts and acquire new accounts as well.

Industries Served in A Channel Program Opportunity to Grow Your FootprintIndustries Served

ShipTrack’s unrivaled configuration easily creates new workflows tailored to each client’s specific business needs and processes. This unique capability allows the platform to serve many vertical markets including:

  • Large and small couriers
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Mailroom applications
  • University and college campuses
  • Military and gov’t campuses
  • Healthcare, pharmaceutical, and funeral industries
  • Government and Public Safety chain of custody applications
  • ...and many more.

This solution gives anyone who requires chain of custody and item-level tracking a simple and efficient way to track and trace shipments.

Comprehensive Support in A Channel Program Opportunity to Grow Your FootprintComprehensive Support

The ShipTrack partner program is a tremendous partner opportunity.

  • A versatile product that is easy to demo in a wide variety of applications
  • A short sales cycle
  • Qualified partners get access to a ShipTrack demo account
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Deal registration and deal management support
  • Sales and technical training program
  • Qualified partners participate in our lead generation program
  • A strong recurring revenue source
  • Competitive advantage in a competitive market


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